Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Jan. 6-12:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Portfolio Recovery Associates Vs. Jessica C. Stultz: Civil Collections

HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. Vs. Tim McRoberts and Brandy McRoberts: Mortgage Foreclosure

HSBC Bank USA Vs. Cheryl J. Vencel and LVNV Funding: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Portfolio Recovery Services Vs: George Nuckols: Civil Collections

Shannon D. Moore Vs. Jay A. Moore: Domestic Relations

Westfield Insurance Company Vs. Judy Freeman: Civil Plenary

Sunrise Mortgage, Inc. Vs. Richard Lawrence and unknown tenant: Mortgage Foreclosure

Marshall W. Lucas Vs. Lori N. Lucas: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

American Rental Vs. Jeff Daugherty: Small Claims

Souder Trucking, LLC Vs. Mike Bushman Trucking, LLC and Mike Bushman: Small Claims

Hays and Sons Construction, Inc. Vs. Jonathan Owens: Small Claims

American Express Centurion Bank Vs. Tina Booe: Small Claims

Clay County Board of Commissioners Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Christopher D. Hinton, Daniel R. Ornduff, Misty R. Mullins, Travis S. Morin, Daymon P. Langley, Mark J. Pate, Lacie Nickle, Theodore J. Miller, Teresa Metcalf, Pamela J. Moran, Jeremie J. McCarty, Darrin E. Linn, Caitlyn A. Lawe, Vladislav W. Leibzon, Shikara M. Knight, James D. Jolliff, John Kelley, David Johnson, Dale Howard, Robert Jeffery, Patricia A. Irons, Ricky L. Hoskins, Jessica Hollifield and Vincent Kelley: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Christapher D. Batchelor, 24, Brazil, and Jamee D. Rossok, 20, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Stephen C. Snodgrass, 29: Visiting a common nuisance

Danielle N. Denton, 23: 1. Residential entry 2. Criminal trespass 3. Resisting law enforcement 4. Criminal mischief 5. Disorderly conduct