Letter to the Editor

Reader tackles facts, fiction in smoking debate

Monday, January 17, 2011

To the Editor:

Fact or fiction?

Our children are not allowed to pray or talk about God in school, but the very people that stopped that are asking on national TV to pray that God would heal one of their own.

Guns kill, but yet, everyone in this country can buy one if they want too.

Alcohol has split up more families, put more people behind bars and put more people out of their homes because they can't afford to pay their bilsl but they can buy that bottle of booze.

Not counting how many drunken driving accidents have taken innocent lives.

AIDS has taken how many of our American lives because of sexual preference.

If you try and help someone by giving them shelter until they get on their feet, they have the right to take over your home unless you pay to get them evicted, even though they are destroying your property that you pay the taxes on.

Prisoners are treated better than our senior citizens that have to live in a nursing home.

Prisoners live free, the law abiding seniors that have paid taxes all their lives have to pay to be taken care of when they need shelter or food or nursing care.

Babies are killed every day in this country because this generation has been taught to go have fun. Just don't get a disease.

These are all facts. Now stop coming up with crazy numbers that are not facts stating that second-hand smoke kills.

If that were a fact, then this fourth generation of people wouldn't be here.

I know that every one of you know that cigarette smoking has been around for generations.

If you don't like it, then you stand outside in the fresh air and leave us alone.

Nancy Rutledge,