Letter to the Editor

Reader urges others to 'wake up'

Sunday, January 23, 2011

To the Editor:

Equal Rights: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equal rights for people of this great nation along with numerous others.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Jan. 17, is recognized as a federal holiday for the late Dr. King.

But did you know here in Clay County, Indiana, only black American students are authorized an excused absence on this day?

That's right, that kind of goes against everything that Dr. King stood and fought for.

People wonder why our great nation is chaotic.

Just take a look around.

You have too many people wanting to segregate even though this nation was founded on unity and equality.

Which brings me to another point in our local government.

Are smokers going to have to sit on the back of the bus like the African Americans did in so many southern states prior to and during Dr. King's fight for equal rights?

Are we going to allow only non-smokers in restaurants and bars?

Who cares what the tax paying owners of these establishments have to say.

This country is going down hill fast and it's because selfishness, greed and personal gratification.

Wake up people.

Paul J. Wetnight,