Letter to the Editor

Was this a public item?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

To the Editor:

Our school board is in the process of selecting a superintendent for our corporation.

Should this be an executive session item?

Should this be an item for interested public members?

I believe that the entire school board should be involved in Dr. (Robert) Boyd's placement approach to the superintendent selection.

It was unknown to me that this approach was to be utilized in selecting a new superintendent until I arrived at the Feb. 21, 2011, executive session.

Three board members were absent from that meeting.

After that meeting, I wrote to board member Amy Adams expressing that board members should consider selecting a superintendent from applicants already employed by our school corporation, if we should have such an applicant who would know the educational background of our students' educational needs and would have good insight into any changes needed in their education.

This could lead to utilization of this knowledge to institute solutions at an early stage.

Such an applicant would also recognize and address public needs at an early stage.

This is of value in improving our students' education and addressing major public concerns.

I request that our school board consider this option of selecting a current employee-applicant and establish this employee as our superintendent at the earliest date.

If this is done, Dr. Boyd's input would be unnecessary.

School board member Forrest Buell, who was unable to reach all current school board members to discuss the selection of a superintendent who is sorely needed by our public and our students.

Forrest Buell,

Clay City