Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse March 3-10:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Melinda S. Sparks Vs. Keith M. Sparks: Domestic Relations

First National Bank Vs. Rebecca M. Davis, Citifinancial Services, Inc., K & H Regional Sewer District, Med-1 Solutions and Michael A. Bower: Mortgage Foreclosure

Cavalry Portfolio Services Vs. Brian A. Graham: Civil Collections

SAC Finance, Inc. Vs. Stacey Meek: Civil Collections

Natalie J. Funk Vs. Daniel R. Stamper Jr.: Domestic Relations

Kelsi Heiliger Vs. Roger Wall Jr.: Domestic Relations

Serafin Aguilar Vs. Kelley Aguilar: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Bethany Pleake Vs. Joshua Pleake: Domestic Relations

Cassandra Burton Vs. Steven A. Burton Sr.: Domestic Relations

Asset Acceptance, LLC Vs. Blaire A. Shelton: Civil Collections

Shirley L. Anderson Vs. Brent C. Anderson: Domestic Relations

First Financial Bank Vs. Cynthia D. Scott: Mortgage Foreclosure

Crowe Rail and Grain Vs. Adam Land Developers, Inc: Civil Collections

Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Pamela J. Carter: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Mary Mattox: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Kenneth White: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Abby Hughes: Small Claims

Jami and Paul Williams Vs. Pointdexter Food Service, Inc. and Kenchic Foods, Inc.: Civil Tort

Marriage License Applications

Jeral Kay Bault Jr., 46, Brazil, and Penny Lee Nevins, 37, Brazil

Scott Andrew Saville, 36, Brazil, and Brandi Lee Perrin, 32, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Chelsea N. Barnett, 18: Conversion

Joshua Metz, 26: Domestic Battery

Justin A. Fugate, 23: Causing serious bodily injury when operating a motor vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more

Robert A. Gieseking, 32: Public intoxication

Samuel J. Taken, 28: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person

Daniel L. Eaglin, 19: Possession of marijuana

Carl E. Young, 55: Invasion of privacy

Kevin W. Fisher, 47: Battery resulting in bodily injury (two counts)

Marvin L. Baker, 18: Operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

Andrew S. Cotton, 29: 1. Criminal confinement 2. Battery resulting in serious bodily injury 3. Strangulation 4. Failure to register as a sex or violent offender 5. Resisting law enforcement

Christopher V. Taylor, 34: 1. Criminal mischief 2. Resisting law enforcement 3. Disorderly conduct

Joseph D. Gillenwater, 34: Possession of a controlled substance

Kevin P. Tubridy, 50: Public intoxication