Letter to the Editor

Concern with school system

Sunday, April 3, 2011

To the Editor:

I have a real concern with our school system in Clay County.

Someone needs to take a long look at how our schools are run and change it.

I realize this is just my opinion, but maybe some other family with kids feels the same way.

My son is really struggling in his eighth-grade math class. We can only do so much at home to help him, but where is the responsibility of the teachers.

I would appreciate some kind of contact before I have to see this on a mid-term or report card.

I mean, who better than the eighth-grade math teacher who grades his papers daily to notice a problem. I guess I have a different meaning of "No Kid Left Behind."

But let my son have a cough drop for a sore throat and that is noticed by this eighth-grade teacher? How sad this is to me that the school systems in Indiana have decreased in caring about their students.

Maybe this is the reason for more dropouts and less college entries.

Thank God we found a 12th-grade student willing to tutor him.

Too bad he can't get the help he needs while he is at school seven hours a day.

Cindi Burris,