Public Record

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse June 2-9:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

William R. Knepp Vs. Mitchell Hyatt, Hyatt and Sons Construction and Kimberly J. Hyatt: Civil Collections

Samantha V. Ream Vs. Adam R. Ream: Domestic Relations

Midland Funding, LLC Vs. Linda Mattox: Civil Collections

JP Morgan Chase Bank Vs. Richard Munn Estate: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Americredit Financial Services Vs. Chad R. McDonald: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Tycha Donathan: Civil Collections

Midland Funding, LLC Vs. James Fry: Civil Collections

Donnie J. Nevins II Vs. Tammy R. Nevins: Domestic Relations

Riddell National Bank Vs. Arlene M. Kuss: Mortgage Foreclosure

Security Credit Services, LLC Vs. Pennie Hubbell: Civil Collections

Emma L. Batson Vs. Marion L. Batson: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

Lucinda Koehler Vs. Noal Williams: Civil Tort

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Darla Shrader: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Ronald J. Willyard II, 21, Brazil, and Tosha Rae Fisher, 22, Brazil

Travis B. Chadwell, 22, Clay City, and Kaitlyn Michelle Marlar, 22, Brazil

Mark Eugene Higgins, 24, Brazil, and Tonya Nicole Jones, 24, Brazil

T.J. Prather Stansifer, 30, Coal City, and Sarah Amanda Steiner, 30, Clay City

James Lloyd Stepp, 25, Floyds Knobs, Ind., and Meganne Denise Holley, 29, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Candace M. Godsey, 28: Compulsory attendance for full term

John E. Tolan III, 39: 1. Strangulation 2. Domestic battery 3. Resisting law enforcement 4. Criminal mischief 5. Public intoxication

Shelby S. Pope, 20: 1. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage (two counts)

Christina M. Wetnight, 19: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Jack Lovett, 57: 1. Possession of marijuana 2. Possession of paraphernalia

Brandon M. Williams18: 1. Operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

Methan L. Sutter, 19: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Matthew C. Brown, 20: 1. Public intoxication 2. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Michael T. Lugiewicz, 37: Invasion of privacy

Joshua P. Batchelor, 29: Disorderly conduct

John D. Palm, 34: Public intoxication

Logan R. Doggett, 20: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Jason C. Gibbons, 23: Public intoxication

James J. Snyder, 41: Domestic battery

Derrick L. Wickware, 20: Public intoxication

William E. Metz, 35: 1. Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person

Devin J. Epple, 20: 1. Public intoxication 2. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Joshua M. Kaelber, 36: Public intoxication

Ron E. Parksey, 29: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Resisting law enforcement 3. Public intoxication 4. Disorderly conduct

Timothy J. Francis, 28: Disorderly conduct

Jeffrey L. Johns, 44: harboring a non-immunized dog

Paula J. Cooper, 29: Harboring a non-immunized dog

Sarah B. Knight-Brown, 49: 1. Criminal mischief 2. Public intoxication

Reynolds A. Batchelor Jr., 36: Disorderly conduct