Letter to the Editor

Interest in genealogy is growing

Sunday, June 26, 2011

To the Editor:

A special thank you.

When my mother, Margaret Kathryn Rogers McVicker, was growing up in Brazil, Ind., she began writing journals and continued doing so throughout her life.

After her death in 2000, I received all her journals. Little by little, I began reading them and in the process, became interested in genealogy research.

My mother's sister, Rosemary Rogers McLaughlin, is the only sibling still living and so for her 90th birthday, I decided to treat her to a family story about her parents, my grandparents, Lenore Englehart Rogers and Wilber Dennis Rogers.

Melissa Hicks and Penny Schad at the Brazil Public Library were very helpful in assisting me.

A special piece of information they discovered was several pages from the 1912 Brazil High School yearbook, in which the seniors poked fun at my grandfather and even wrote a little poem about my grandparents, whom at that time, were not married.

It was also interesting to note that my grandmother's father, T.W. Englehart, was on the school board in 1912.

Since then, I've worked closely with Joyce Oehler, a volunteer at the Clay County Genealogical Society. Joyce has been invaluable in helping me find information about the T.W. Englehart family, my most recent project.

Joyce went the extra mile and arranged for, or took photos, for me of the George Englehart farm, gravestones at St. John's Cemetery and also gravestone at Cottage Hill Cemetery.

In the process, I discovered by great-grandparents, T.W. and Maggie Englehart, had attended the First Presbyterian Church.

Amy Duell has been helpful in researching information about their involvement.

In closing, a very special thanks to everyone. I greatly appreciate your time, efforts and expertise. I have discovered that a lot of fun involved with genealogy research is the wonderful people you encounter along the way.

Ann Karen McVicker Michnowicz Rogers,

Vero Beach, Fla.