Public Record

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse June 23-30:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Riddell National Bank Vs. Lyndon L. Poindexter and Cindy A. Poindexter: Mortgage Foreclosure

American Acceptance Co. Vs. Joshua Richardson: Civil Collections

Harris NA Vs. Cynthia M. Wilson, Rod E. Wilson and John Doe: Mortgage Foreclosure

Capital One Bank Vs. Jackie A. Tyler: Civil Collections

American Acceptance Co. Vs. Brian K. Hamilton: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Capital One Bank Vs. Milan L. Tyler: Civil Collections

Kelly W. Knox Vs. Jennifer L. Knox: Domestic Relations

Capital One Bank Vs. Jackie A. Tyler: Civil Collections

Ryan M. Grafe Vs. Lacey L. Grafe: Domestic Relations

Daniel W. Milner Vs. Noel S. Endress: Domestic Relations

Capital One Bank Vs. Kelley F. Freeman: Civil Collections

Clay County Board of Commissioners Vs. Joshua Goodpaster: Civil Collections

Christi J. Thompson Vs. Brian J. Thompson: Domestic Relations

Zenith Acquisition Corp. Vs. John A. Meister: Civil Collections

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Vs. Michael Griffet: Civil Plenary

RAB Performance Recoveries, LLC Vs. Susan D. Kelly: Civil Collections

Small Claims

Corvee Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Angela Hastings and William Matherly, Deanna Jones, Shawn Morlan, Melissa Tilley, Lori Lewis and Scott Miller: Small Claims

Riddell National Bank Vs. Michale T. Knust: Small Claims

Charles E. Smith Vs. Billie Cassidy: Small Claims

Pines Apartments of Harmony Vs. Daryl Haltom Jr., and Angel Haltom: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Kevin Dale Greive, 40, Rockville, and Jennifer Marie French, 33, Brazil

Bradley J. Hardesty, 24, Brazil, and Alicia A. Thomas, 23, Brazil

John Cody Garrison, 27, Clay City, and Brittany M. Lucas, 22, Clay City

Garrett Mark Thatcher, 23, Clay City, and Chandra N. Burns, 24, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Jonathan Aguilar, 23: 1. Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Daniel L. Eaglin, 19: 1. Resisting law enforcement 2. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Kenneth J. Ladd, 38: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Shawheen D. Arabi, 25: Public intoxication

Christopher D. Hayes, 38: Battery

Luke M. Wagner, 22: 1. Burglary 2. Theft 3. Criminal trespass 4. Criminal mischief

Jeremy J. Lumsdon, 23: 1. Burglary 2. Attempt theft 3. Criminal trespass 4. Criminal mischief