Letter to the Editor

Clay County Emergency Food Pantry elects officers

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To the Editor:

The Clay County Emergency Food Pantry met on July 22 for its quarterly Advisory Board meeting to receive second quarter 2011 reports and elect officers.

Seventeen members and volunteers of the board enjoyed a carry-in dinner in the facility.

Ruth Haas, Executive Director, reported that a total of 864 family units were provided with available food and other items of clothing. The Pantry has seen a marked increase in the number of family units be serviced.

In the first quarter, a total of 700 families were assisted.

There continues to be need for additional food donations, especially meat items. Please be sure that food items are not outdated.

We invite the public to stop by and observe our operation, 9 a.m.-noon, weekdays.

Please observe our signage regarding donations of furniture, etc. You are also reminded that all donations to Pantry become the property of the Pantry and should not be removed from the mini-barn without permission.

This meeting also involved the election of officers. George T. Hewitt was elected as Chairman. Ruth Haas will serve as Executive Director and will be assisted by Norma Diel, Marsha West and Janet Wallace.

Ruth Haas will also serve as recording secretary.

Ruth Sciotto will serve as treasurer of the Food Purchase Account.

Janet Wallace will continue to serve as treasurer of the Pantry Maintenance Fund.

Marsha West will assist Ruth Sciotto in securing food for distribution. The Pantry is blessed with a number of volunteers from our community churches. Additional volunteers, male and female, would be very much appreciated.

Our continued thanks to the Clay County community for assisting us in this valued ministry.

George T. Hewitt,


Clay County Emergency Food Pantry