Letter to the Editor

Cautionary tale for parents

Sunday, August 14, 2011

To the Editor:

While on our way to Terre Haute Monday, Aug. 8, we came across a dog lying in the westbound lanes of United States 40.

We stopped to help the poor thing, as she was still alive.

There were a couple of people who lived by where the dog was laying and they were trying to contact authorities for help.

My husband was trying to get the dog out of the road while I watched traffic. When along comes a moron, going way faster than the speed limit and hits the dog and kills it, barely missing my husband.

The driver never even slowed down, just kept going.

To the driver of that dark blue, four-door car: I hope you realize it could have been a person that you hit and run like you did to that poor dog. It's no wonder the roads of Brazil are marked with so many crosses!

Caution to parents: Be aware that these trashy drivers are the same type who would run over your kids at a bus stop and not even look back.

I sure wish I could have gotten the plate number of that vehicle.

On our way home, we saw the dog and picked it up and took it home to give it a proper burial.

It just did not seem right to leave her for the vultures.

Darlene Kilker,