Letter to the Editor

Church member disappointed

Sunday, August 21, 2011

To the Editor:

On Thursday, a priest came to talk to us about the closing of our church.

Father Rick explained to us the process used in closing Holy Rosary Parish.

Then, the floor was opened for questions. Someone asked why we did not know about the closing of our church before the final decision was made.

Father retorted in anger, "I didn't want anyone to know," yelling at the questioner.

Another person suggested that if we knew the church would be closed, we may not have spent funds on a new roof. His response was, "It will help sell the building."

What an insensitive remark although it was truthful.

Father Rick was angry, rude and insensitive to our needs.

All he did was to exacerbate our pain in addition to the closing of our church.

The Catholic Church has always had the priority of saving souls. Apparently, to close our parish was strictly a business decision.

Father Rick does not have a clue how many people he alienated and are upset with him.

I have written this letter to vent my anger.

Holy Rosary member,

Charles A. Tartaglia,

Terre Haute