Letter to the Editor

Mud Bog deemed a success

Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Clark County Park District, I would like to thank all of our community for the outgoing support it showed on Aug. 13, for our second annual Mud Bog.

The success of this day is credited to the fantastic commitment of the volunteers and sponsors that helped us out so graciously in many ways.

To everyone that participated and came to watch, your personal commitment and generosity was incredible.

Our crowd of more than 756 paid spectators came to see 51 trucks run in six different classes along with 13 ATVs. Through this event, more than $4,124.66 was raised and donated to Riley's.

Conversations are already underway for the preparation of the third annual Mud Bog for 2012, bigger and better is the goal, but in reality, we know we are already making a difference and look forward to seeing the mud fly for Riley's again.

Hope to see you there.

Dennis Shiley,

Executive Director,

Clark County Park District,

Marshall, Ill.