Letter to the Editor

Disappointed with contest

Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the Editor:

Recently, I entered my dog in the Pet Idol contest that The Brazil Times is sponsoring.

I was excited and hopeful that my dog, Daisy, might win since she is so adorable.

I go on The Brazil Times' web page to vote, of course for her, and saw that some of the entries had thousands of votes.

I am disappointed since when can a person buy their place as winner in a contest?

If it were any other "contest" or election, we would say that it is rigged and people would be very upset and call for a new vote.

Also, the people who buy the votes: Come on?

Why spend $8 several times for 1,000 votes when in the "contest," you only win a $50 prize? It is throwing your money away.

You cannot be proud of "winning" for you haven't really won at all but bought your place in the race.

Sue Piper,