Letter to the Editor

Be mindful of speed on streets

Sunday, September 18, 2011

To the Editor:

School is back in session.

Our kids have been back in school for four weeks now and I live on Murphy Avenue.

People are always speeding down that road and my children know to stay away from the roads, but three times already since school has started, the bus has stopped to pick up my two kids and she has the stop arm out and a car has been flying down the road and she has honked at them to warn them and they still kept going.

It is the law that if that stop arm is out that you have to stop.

My children are very important to me, as I'm sure that everyone's children are important to them.

Please watch the school buses and our children. They are our future.

The speed limit on Murphy Avenue is 30 mph and I know this because the sign is in front of my house.

So please watch for the school buses.

Thank you.

Missy McCullough,