Letter to the Editor

Angels among us in Brazil

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To the Editor:

There are truly angels among us here in Brazil.

I was on my way to work Thursday morning and I am going through a very hard financial time like everyone else.

I ran out of gas 10-12 miles from work. It was very windy and cold and I was not dressed for walking.

I had just stepped out of my truck, grabbed the gas can out of the back, knowing I had a very long cold walk ahead of me.

I had not gotten very far when my encounter began with what has to be special angels sent by God in my opinion.

They were a couple driving a truck not too much unlike mine. The lady opened her door and asked if I would like a ride.

Well, of course I did being so cold and windy out.

When arrived into town at a station, I offered him the $8 I had to put in my gas can, but not only would they not take the money, they filled up a five-gallon gas can, wouldn't take a penny and they also returned me to my truck, stood in the cold and put it in the tank.

They made sure my truck started before they pulled away.

I am so happy to know there are still angels among us.

Thank you angels.

Deana Hamil,