Letter to the Editor

Resident thankful for gift

Sunday, December 4, 2011

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Baker for being so kind and offering his brand new, unused carpet for free.

About a week ago, I had posted on one of the Clay County yard sale sites on Facebook that I was looking for a large area rug because I had no carpet on my floor.

After a few days, I had a couple of replies, but no one really seemed serious until Mr. Baker messaged me.

He offered the carpet to me for $120 and told me it was brand new. I thanked him and told him I did not have that much extra to spend at the moment because of the holidays. That was why I was looking for something used.

A few minutes later, I received another message saying I could just have it because he was moving and didn't want to bother with it.

I was so happy I thanked him non-stop until it was picked up.

It is so nice that someone out there really does care about others rather than the money.

So thank you again, Mr. Baker. You have made this a great Christmas for my family.

Thank you.

Heather Smith,