Letter to the Editor

Procrastination costs us dearly

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To the Editor:

The ability to make a decision is just that, not to sit and think about it, not to stew on it, but to act within a reasonable amount of time so life can continue on.

Seems like the ability to make a decision keeps getting harder and harder for anyone to make, especially those in controlling positions where time and money both are involved.

Not only do we have problems with a lazy government that cannot say, "No," to continued federal spending, but we also have local individuals too who cannot or will not work toward achieving a common goal on the part of our community.

What I am referring to is the Craig Park Project that entails a new walking track around the park, not only for health enthusiasts in our area, but for the benefit of our high school track team, as well as to bring our park more up to date with other local recreational areas.

For five years, the Clay Community Parks Association has been working on a federal grant to pay for the implementation of a new walking track around Craig Park. It has taken years of thought along with hours of filling forms with the INDOT and the IDNR to get all aspects of the project approved and underway.

Not to mention the time and effort put forth to find funding and matching monies so the track can be constructed according to government standards.

Now after years of planning and working with engineers and government officials to get everything in order so we can enjoy a new "walk in the park," we have come across some new procrastinators bent on keeping the project from proceeding.

These people (who's names I will not mention, but they know who they are) are either afraid of progress or have a beef with the city, as reasons not to sign the easement so the work can proceed on the project.

What these people seem to be afraid of is that somebody might actually use this track to spy on them at night or maybe use it as a hangout for muggers and thieves.

Who knows, but whatever their reason, I hope they understand that they are contributing to the same simple minded attitude that for years kept us from having our new high schools built.

Or maybe these are the same simple-minded people that kept the Clay County Economic Development Organization from doing its job years ago when talks of economic growth were stifled due to the unwillingness to invest in our community's future.

Now again a new project is underway for the modernization of our community and again there are two people wanting to stop progress because "the city hasn't done anything for them," which means they can keep the rest of us from enjoying the beauty and serene setting of our city park.

All I have to say to these people is, "If you don't like us, then move on," we are tired of nay sayers running our lives, our country and now our community.

But the saddest part is that the Clay Community Parks Board has done all the work at no cost to the taxpayer to pay for this project.

So I hope these two people are proud of themselves and the environment they are trying to protect.

Julie Parsons,

Clay Community Parks Board member,

Center Point