Letter to the Editor

Good cheer for the holidays

Monday, December 26, 2011

To the Editor:

I would like to spread some very much needed good cheer for a change.

This letter should put some hope and light in your day.

My daughter and her husband were visiting Brazil over the Thanksgiving holiday. While they were here, they attended the parade in Brazil.

During the parade, my son-in-law lost his wallet. They just knew they would not see it again. They looked all over the street where they were standing, but did not find the wallet.

A few days later, my daughter received a phone call telling her that someone had his wallet and would be glad to send it in the mail.

They were so grateful and shocked that someone was sending it back.

The wallet came and everything was still inside.

They would like to give a very heart felt thanks to Greg and Tamara Carroll for their honesty.

Thanks and God bless.

Sandra J. Timberman,