Letter to the Editor

Optimist Club needs volunteers

Monday, January 16, 2012

To the Editor:

This article will serve two purposes.

The first is to just give some credit to those who put up and take down the Christmas ornaments on the light poles on Main Street every year.

Just in case some people still think those decorations just fall out of the sky and land on those poles, this will let you know that a special thanks goes out to the Duke Energy employees for helping not only putting the decorations up in November, but coming back and taking them down in January after the holidays are over.

It would not be possible without the use of the two bucket trucks and those employees who come out on a usually two cold mornings to do this.

Also helping out this year were Robbie Rothrock, Keanon Wright, Logan Cassidy, Optimist President Larry Jackman, Optimist Historian Ken Turner and other Breakfast Optimist members.

So, once again, if you know or see any of the above people, including the Duke Energy employees, please tell them you appreciate their efforts.

Now, the second part of this article is to ask for your help.

Each year, the Breakfast Optimist Club has a Clothe-A-Child drive to help children who may need new clothes for the coming year.

This past Christmas, we helped 100 children with new clothes at a cost of about $65-$70 per child. The local Breakfast Optimist Club receives its money from members' dues, asking for donations at Christmastime, and from selling poinsettias.

In the past, we have received donations from families, businesses, and companies to help us serve these children.

This year, we just did have enough money to clothe the children.

It is early in the year, so I am hoping that by asking for help at the beginning of the year just maybe, the people who work up the budgets can put us in for a donation.

We need to raise about $4,000 to make up the difference between what we usually get from the other donations and flower sales.

Any and all donations are welcome. If any of the schools want to help us out with class projects, that would be most appreciated.

If businesses want to set up donation jars, that also would help.

If any of the local companies can find a way to help us, that would be just great.

We need to come up with the funds if we are to continue to have a Clothe-A-Child program.

One of the best ways to help would be to come and join the Breakfast Optimist Club. We meet every Saturday, April through December and the first Saturday in January, February, and March in the coffee room at the rear of the Sisters Antique Store for a great breakfast and a short meeting.

Like most other organizations, we can use new members of any age. If you want to help the youth of Clay County, then this is the organization for you.

Please mail any donations to Breakfast Optimist, PO Box 231, Brazil, Ind., 47834.

Thank you for your help.

John Tribble,

Optimist Member,