Letter to the Editor

Take 15 seconds and think

Sunday, February 5, 2012

To the Editor:

There comes a time when everyone needs to stop what they are doing for 15 seconds and reflect on what a great country we actually live in.

It takes 15 seconds to realize that if you lived anywhere else in the world, you would not know the freedoms and rights we have here in America. Sure, this time every four years, we have the debates, the arguments, the discussions, the scandals and yes, even some positive conversations about the future political road we will travel down.

The political scene is not for everyone, nor is it intended to be for everyone. The one thing about politics that is for everyone, is it will effect your life whether you like it or not.

So what if there is bickering and complaining. If you have kids, you are used to this happening everyday in your house. If you have a sibling of your own, you understand the bickering your kids are doing now.

It is normal and natural human behavior to argue and bicker when one feels slighted or left out of what is happening. One child feels they are ignored and do not get as much as the other or one child feels the other is getting away with more than they are and do not like it.

Politicians are the same way. Some feel neglected for what they feel are good deeds while others may feel the person they are facing is getting away with actions they feel they would not.

To minimize the political world, it is just a bunch of kids fighting for attention and trying to get what they want.

One of the greatest values we have in this country is the right to debate and bicker and argue with one another about our personal political beliefs and wants.

No matter how much some may dislike all the attention given to politicians right now, we all know how much it cost our country and our founding fathers to have this right.

It is a feeling that too many people have overlooked the past and have forgotten just what it entails. In this country, we can have these debates and arguments without concern for roadside bombings and physical attacks against other politicians for disagreeing with each other.

We can have a variety of beliefs, and though we may not agree with them all, we have the ability to like or dislike these ideas without fear of persecution.

There is even the right to dislike or like this article; that is what makes this country so great.

Too many times, people want to complain about politics and say they are not interested without thinking about what they are really saying.

Too many times, this country wants to act like it is our God-given right to live here.

Generations of blood, tears and agony have allowed us to arrive to this point.

Look at all the countries that hate us, because we have freedoms.

They only wish they had the same freedoms we have, thus spawning the hate.

We can say we dislike our current president and not live in fear of lynch mobs and being arrested.

We can say we hope for a change this November in whom our president will be and not fear for our lives.

Be proud to be Americans and stop apologizing for it.

The greatest thing to remember is this: Even is you do not know all the ins and outs of politics, at least listen to each one and decide which is saying things that make the most sense for you and your family.

Do not worry about politics, bills or even how they voted; just listen to what they say.

Listen to what they believe.

Most of all, take 15 seconds to stop and remember that the Declaration of Independence and all the freedoms we have today did not come without arguing, bickering and mudslinging.

Take 15 seconds to stop and thank all the ones that made it OK to dislike the political scene, the politicians involved in it and the freedom to be Americans.

John Browning,