Letter to the Editor

Something needs to be done with all of the stray animals

Monday, May 28, 2012

To the Editor:

I am a resident of Brazil, Ind., as of September. But I have been to Brazil a million times in my lifetime.

You see, as a kid, we used to camp at Dietz Lake since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Anyway, I need to get to my point.

I came to love this little town so much I decided to move here, plus be closer to my parents.

So, we found a cute little place to rent. I Really loved it until ... the cats!

I never knew how much damage cats can do to someone's yard and plants. Wow.

Not to mention the smell from the male cats around here.

These cats are feral cats and neighborhood cats.

My problem I am having is getting someone to come out and do something with these cats.

We have went as far as catching one ourselves and took it down to the animal shelter, only to be told they couldn't take the cat, it was out of their area.

I was told I needed to make a police report, call this woman who is contracted for the City of Brazil. I have tried without any calls back (even the police didn't get a call back). I have left messages and went to the police on many occasions to no prevail. Got nowhere.

Now, I am a very angry resident of Brazil. That's sad. I wish this problem could have been solved long before now.

Please, is there anyone out here who can help me? I have a relative who is also a resident of Brazil who works for the state police who told me there is no animal control here.

Can I just say I was very surprised?

I have a daughter who works for the City of Indianapolis as an animal control officer. Maybe we need to get her down here to do the job.

Please feel free to respond. I would love to hear someone else's complaints on the animals around here.

And before I leave off, I will also let the city know we have a real problem with dogs running the streets and you know they belong to someone. They have collars.

I got growled at today in my own yard. Not safe around here.

Now I am on the lookout before I go outside or before I let my tea cup, Chi Chi, go outside to do her business.

Isn't there a leash law here as well?

Thank God my grandkids aren't here. My next call will be higher up than this Mayor of Brazil.

Thank you.

Vicki Ottinger,