Letter to the Editor

Expressing the need for equal rights?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

To the Editor:

Am I a smoker?


Am I advocating smoking?

Definitely not.

It is a dirty, filthy and dangerous habit.

No one should ever develop the habit.


* Who would ever have thought that someday in the "land of the free," it would be against the law to have a cigarette before or after a meal?

* What ever happened to the right of personal property ownership? Who pays the mortgages, inventory taxes, income taxes, employee's unemployment, property taxes, utilities, etc.?

Are these individuals with no monetary investment going to take over such responsibilities? I don't think so.

* Initially, these establishments were told there had to be a smoking section and then it changed to a section blocked off. Eventually, the section had to be outside the business, and then off the property. Now, it has been suggested we should have smokeless cars and homes. How far will these invasions go -- all the way into our bathrooms?

* Seat belts: First, they were made available. Then, it was suggested we use them. Now, it is the law that a fine is imposed if we choose not to wear the seat belt. I wonder how many people have died in wrecks because they had them on and couldn't leave the vehicle.

* Our food and water have been chemically changed for years. Anyone interested in the long-range effect?

These remind me of the "frog in cold water" syndrome -- gradually increase the heat and the frog is cooked before it realizes it. If this same process had been used during prohibition, by now, we could easily have a dry country.

* While the smoking bans are going on, there are so many things taking place behind the "smoke screen" that I feel are much more dangerous to our individual freedoms than whether we smoke or not.


* In the past 40 years, we have murdered close to 84 million of our own "unborn citizens." Anyone care about their lungs?

It's a shame it's unlawful to kill a bat in this country, but it's lawful to murder our own unborn human beings.

Maybe we should put human beings in the endangered species category.

* Someday, will we tell people they can't wear perfume, scented deodorants, hair sprays, etc.? After all, don't we have individuals with asthma, allergies, emphysema and other breathing problems? Maybe we should go after those companies and eventually put bans on anything that is scented.

* While we are concentrating on smoking, our liberties throughout this once great "republic" are slowly and consistently being threatened. Most people don't have a clue and I wonder if they even care.


* Some need to realize that if and when our liberties are ultimately dissolved, will smoking even be an issue? I doubt it.

Protecting the rights of our unborn, individual property rights, freedom to make our own choices (including patronizing businesses where smoking is allowed), or watching our liberties melt away are much more important.

Although I've stated my concerns, I can understand why some people have taken a pack of cigarettes and made it their priority, but I also wonder at what point the "tail will stop wagging the dog" in this country.

Carolyn Dix,