Letter to the Editor

School board violated policy?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

To the Editor:

There was a school board item voted into effect at the June 14 school board meeting that should have been voted upon in the presence of our local school board attorney for the benefit of everyone involved -- an elementary school principal, elementary school students and parents, school board members and our superintendent.

Definitely, our public was involved as this could happen again.

Our school board members voted on this issue without the present school board attorney's presence and without having the full knowledge of the case. As a result, it is possible that justice was not present at the board members' vote on this item.

I had requested school board members investigate whether all school board members on a specific residence of their schools could deliver better decisions than our present school board make up.

I believe this type of board was needed for this item. This needs in-depth investigation.

As one board member, I request our present school board consult our school board attorney before sweeping this agenda item under the rug, as this occurred at the last meeting.

Everyone involved in this agenda item deserves justice, especially our students and the judged principal.

Our school board attorney is needed now to help solve this item fairly.

Forrest R. Buell,

Clay City