Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry provides update

Sunday, July 8, 2012

To the Editor:

We have concluded a very busy six months at the Clay County Emergency Food Pantry.

It appears that the demand for this ministry is continuing to be a serious concern for Clay County.

Our records indicate that we have served a total of 1,772 family units in the past half-year; that includes a total of 5,729 children and adults and that we have distributed a total of 22,321 bags/boxes of food essential to these families.

We continue to be blessed with donations of many sorts to enable us to assist these families with the physical and temporal needs.

Catholic Charities has been very generous in supplying us with food and clothing to assist us in this program.

We continue to be grateful to many individuals who support us with their finances, food and household items.

The churches and businesses along with civic-minded clubs continue to help us maintain our monthly budget.

We are thankful for all who help us and especially the women and men who are faithful daily in their volunteer capacities.

The Pantry is open five days a week, 9-12 to accommodate the citizens of Clay County.

Our families can come in once a month for food assistance, and avail themselves of household and clothing items.

We need to cut off the time for receiving requests at 11:25 so as to assist these families as well as accommodate the personal needs of our volunteers.

You are welcome to stop by and observe our ministry and assist us as a volunteer when your schedule allows.

Thanks again to all. You help carry forward this vital ministry to Clay County.

George T. Hewitt, Chairman,

Clay County Emergency Food Pantry