Letter to the Editor

Resident 'outraged' regarding animal control

Sunday, July 22, 2012

To the Editor

I just read an article ran Friday, July 13, 2012, in The Brazil Times titled, "Ordinance Catches Snag" concerning Ordinance No. 10-2012 on animal control.

As a citizen of this community and a pet owner, I am outraged.

I do agree that we need an animal control officer for when I called the Brazil Police Department about a dog running loose in my yard and growling through bared teeth at me, I was told to catch it myself.

That is my tax dollars at work!

I would like to comment on a statement quoted in the article.

Mayor Wyndham is quoted as saying "that fees are a part of life, like paying a premium at stores because of shoplifters."

My reply: That's fine; make me pay a fee for my "baby" (dog).

Then make people pay a fine for their kids out running the streets late at night. OH WAIT we do have an ordinance against that!

It is the curfew ordinance Title XIII which has a progression of fines as to violations.

To which it is not enforced otherwise my neighbors would not have had their car windows busted out twice or go through two and see kids "hanging out" any night of the week at Kroger or the old post office.

Which would be Title IV 90.64 "No person shall obstruct a public stairway in any business in the city or steps to any entrance to any building." Penalty -- $100. Brazil needs ways to acquire revenue then let's enforce some of the ordinances already in place like the curfew of Title VII which makes it unlawful to ride or drive any motor vehicle on any sidewalk.

How many times have we seen this in our town? People driving their mowers or golf carts on the sidewalks/streets. Recently one block from my house two teenagers were seriously hurt when the moped they were driving hit the side of a car because the teens didn't stop when coming out of the alley, neither by the way of age to drive. Penalty for this violation -- $2,500.00.

This could contribute to an animal control officer's wages pretty darn quick instead of making another ludicrous rule that won't be enforced.

Also will this ordinance include cats, chickens and any other animal that the people of Brazil keep as pets? And if you keep a pet inside how do they intend on enforcing this? By people being truthful? Think again, that won't happen.

Citizens of Brazil need to speak up about things going on in our community.

All references on town ordinances were taken from http://www.amlegal.com/library/in/brazil.shtml.


Sue Piper,