Letter to the Editor

Resident concerned about meetings

Sunday, August 19, 2012

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I think I missed the monthly meeting of the Staunton Town Council.

You may wonder why and how could I miss something so important to me? I plan on answering it here.

Firstly, my daughter was leaving during the week I think the meeting took place. We were getting as much family time in as possible since she was going into the Navy.

Secondly, the meeting dates are rarely posted anywhere to know there is a meeting.

Even though the town clerk states the dates are on our water bills, my bill never seems to have that information.

There's not even a notice posted at the Post Office like in the past.

I think this is so that the board can get away with some of their tactics of giving it to the people of Staunton.

They have hidden things from us and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.

An example of this is the fact that the town clerk is to live inside of Staunton town lines. Ours does not.

Also is the fact that they have received monies from the Indiana Homeland Security to use for public safety. What? Yes, they are just sitting on it.

Why not get another town marshal. Our current one could use the help.

He can't be expected to be out 24/7. So why not get another marshal?

Or how about a new patrol car?

Every other small town has newer cars. Not ours. It sounds awful when it goes down the road.

So today when I paid my water bill, which was $30 higher than normal, I had the town clerk write the date of the next meeting on my receipt.

I plan on being at the next meeting, so I have something to write about here.

Until next month,

Debbie Montague,