Letter to the Editor

Look at all of these taxes

Monday, September 3, 2012

To the Editor:

Do you have any extra cash? If not, maybe you should read the following list and find out why:

* Accounts Receivable Tax; Accounting and Tax Preparation (cost to taxpayers: $300 billion); Accumulated Earnings Tax; Accumulated Distribution of Trust; Activity Fee (Dumping Permit Fee); Air Tax (PA coin-operated vacuums); Aircraft Jet Fuel Tax; Aircraft Excise Tax; Alcohol Fuels Tax; Alcoholic Beverage Tax; Alternative Minimum Tax-Amt; Ambulance Services (Air Ambulance Services, SD); Ammunition Tax; Amusement Tax (MD, VA, MA); Animal Slaughter Tax (WI, others, per animal); Annual Custodial Fees (IRA accounts); Ballast Water Management Fee (Marine Invasive Species); Biodiesel Fuel Tax; Blueberry Tax (Maine); Bribe Taxes (pay if you dare); Brother Licensing Fees; Building Permit Tax; Capital Gains Tax; California Interstate User Diesel Fuel Tax; California Redemption Value (Can and Bottle Tax); CDL License Tax; Charter Boat Captain License; Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee; Cigarette Tax; Cigarette Tax Stamp (Acts) (Distributors); Compressed Natural Gas Tax; Commercial Activity Tax (OH-for Service Providers); Corporate Income Tax; Court Fines (Indirect Taxes); County Property Tax; Disposable Diapers Tax (Wisconsin); Disposal Fee (Any Landfill Dumping); Dog License Tax; Duck Hunting Tax Stamp (PA, others); Electronic Waste Recycling Fee (E-waste); Emergency Telephone User Surcharge; Environmental Fee (CA-HazMat Fees); Estate Tax (Death Tax, to be reinstated); Excise Taxes; Facility Fee (CA); FDIC Tax (insurance premium on bank deposits); Federal Income Tax; Federal Unemployment Tax; Fiduciary Income Tax (Estates and Trusts); Fishing License Tax; Flush Tax (MD Tax for Producing Wastewater); Food License Tax; Fountain Soda Drink Tax (Chicago-9 percent); Franchise Tax; Fresh Fruit (CA, if purchased from a vending machine); Fuel Gross Receipts Tax; Fuel Permit Tax; Fur Clothing Tax (MN); Garbage Tax; Gasoline Tax (475 cents per gallon); Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax; Generator Fee (Recycled Waste Fee); Gift Tax; Gross Receipts Tax; Habitat Stamp (Hunting/Fishing in some states); Hamburger Tax; Hazardous Substance Fee: Generator, Facility, Disposal; Highway Access Fee; Household Employment Taxes; Hunting License Tax; Illegal Drug Possession (N. Carolina); Individual Income Tax; Inheritance Tax; Insect Control Hazardous Materials License; Insurance Premium Tax; Intangible Tax (Leases of Govt. Owned Real Property); Integrated Waste Management Fee; Interstate User Diesel Fuel Tax; Inventory Tax; IRA Rollover Tax; IRA Early Withdrawal Tax; IRS Interest Charges; IRS Penalties (Tax on top of that); Jock Tax (income earned by athletes in some states); Kerosene, Distillate and Stove Oil Taxes; Kiddie Tax (Child's Earned Income Form 8615); Land Gains and Real Estate Withholding; Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee; Lease Severance Tax; Library Tax; Liquid Natural Gas Tax; Liquid Petroleum Gas Tax; Liquor Tax; Litigation Tax (TN imposes-varies with offense); LLC/PLLC Corporate Registration Tax; Local Income Tax; Lodging Taxes; Lump-Sum Distributions; Luxury Taxes; Make-up tax (HO, applying in a salon is taxable); Marriage License Tax; Meal Tax; Medicare Tax; Mello-Roos Taxes (Special Taxes and Assessments); Migratory Waterfowl Stamp; Minnow Dealers License (Retail); Minnow Dealers License (Distributor); Mobile Home Ad Valorem Taxes; Motor Fuel Tax (for suppliers); Motor Vehicle Tax; Music and Dramatic Performance Rights Tax; Nursery Registration (buying and selling plants); Occupancy Inspection Fees; Occupation Taxes and Fees; Oil and Gas Assessment Tax; Oil Spill Response, Prevention and Administration Fee; Parking Space Taxes; Pass-Through Withholding; Pay Phone Calls Tax (IN); Percolation Test Fee; Personal Property Tax; Personal Holding Company; Pest Control License; Petroleum Business Tax; Playing Card Tax (AL); Pole Tax (TX-$5 charge for strip clubs); Profit from Illegal Drug Dealing; Property Tax; Property Transfer Tax (DE); Poultry Registered Premises License; Rain Water Tax; Rat Control Fee (CA); Real Estate Tax; Recreational Vehicle Tax; Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling Fees; Regional Transit Taxing Authority (Trains); Road Usage Tax; Room Tax (Hotel Rooms); Sales Tax (state); Sales Tax (City); Sales and Use Tax; School Tax; Service Charge Tax; Self Employment Tax; Septic and Drain Field Inspection Fees; Sewer and Water Tax; Social Security Tax; Sparkler and Novelties Tax (WV); Special Assessment Tax; State Documentary Stamp Tax on Notes (FL, RE tax); State Franchise Tax; State Income Tax; State Park Fees; State Unemployment Tax; Straight Vegetable Oil Fuel Tax; Stud Fees (KY-Thoroughbred Sex Tax); Tangible Personal Property Tax; Tattoo Tax; Telephone 911 Service Tax; Telephone Federal Excise Tax; Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax; Telephone Federal Surcharge Taxes; Telephone State Surcharge Taxes; Telephone Local Surcharge Taxes; Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax; Telephone Recurring Charges Tax; Telephone Universal Access Tax; Telephone State Usage Charge Tax; Telephone Local Usage Charge Tax; Tire Recycling Fee; Tobacco Tax (Consumer); Tobacco Tax (Dealer); Toll Road Taxes; Toll Bridge Taxes; Toll Tunnel Taxes; Tourism or Concession License Fee; Traffic Fines; Transportable Treatment Unit Fee; Trailer Registration Tax; Trout Stamp; Use Taxes; Utility Taxes; Unemployment Taxes; Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee; Underpayment of Estimated Tax (Form 2210); Unreported Tip Income; Vehicle License; Vehicle Recovery Tax (CO); Vehicle Registration Tax; Vehicle Sales Tax; Wagering Tax; Waste Vegetable Oil (W. VA) Fuel Tax; Water Rights Fee; Watercraft Registration Tax; Waterfowl Stamp Tax; Well Permit Tax; Wiring Inspection Fees; Workers Compensation Tax; "Obamatax;" ???

Maybe we should have paid a little more attention to the "Boston Tea Party."

Carolyn Dix,