Letter to the Editor

Pleading with those responsible to keep it appropriate

Sunday, September 30, 2012

To the Editor:

As a mother of young children, I am responsible for what they are and are not exposed to.

I am therefore used to asking that they turn their heads to avoid seeing things that I feel are inappropriate for their ages, or that could cause them undue fear.

I've done it during trailers for horror films, online videos, and in other situations.

However, one of the very last places I expect to have to guard their eyes is at a community parade.

Unfortunately, I had to do just that at the K-Day Parade Sept. 22.

While the majority of the parade was as expected, and included the anticipated fun, a certain type of display stood out: The costumes and decorations for a couple of Clay County haunted houses.

I understand that these are businesses and some use a portion of their proceeds for charity, which I respect.

However, I feel that it is highly unnecessary to display repulsive and disturbing images to the general public without warning.

If I were to go to a haunted house, I would expect to see this.

But not at a community event that is mostly geared toward children.

I have witnessed this issue worsening over the last couple of years.

I encourage those in charge to set a standard that prevents occurrences like these from continuing any further and ruining the wholesomeness of a family friendly event.

Lisa Hutcheson,