Letter to the Editor

What will God see in all of us?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

To the Editor:

This world is our training ground for the greater life to come.

God has a specifically planned purpose for all of us to pursue.

There is no place for laziness now or after we reach our eternal home.

God holds us accountable for our actions.

What will God see in you?

It is urgent that we replace ungodly patterns with righteous ways.

Both inward attitudes and outward behavior matter to Him.

When facing decisions every day, seek scriptural guidance and godly counsel.

Then, reflect on which choice would please God. "The choice is always yours."

Wisest parent(s) make it a resolution to take their children to church at an early age to learn about Jesus.

There is no better habit for all ages than to worship God.

Invite everybody to attend church regularly and praise God.

Nancy Mills,

Hammond, Ind.