Letter to the Editor

Reader urges others to write Congress

Sunday, December 9, 2012

To the Editor:

A representative of the United States Postal Service, Ms. Cindy Klaiber, held a conference at the Harmony Firehouse last week to explain to Knightsville residents as to changes to expect likely in February 2013.

She explained that postal services declines 27 cents since 2005 due to e-mail, fax machines, UPS, Fed-X and other means of connecting others.

Therefore, postal operations must be curtailed.

Local Postmaster, Katie Aker, would be cut back from 40 hours to 20 hours, and lobby time would be affected also with the downsizing.

Only one resident had comments after thinking a first-class stamp could send a letter from New York City to San Francisco.

Sarge Eveland asked if overhead could be done by eliminating more assistants on paid salary of those assisting postmasters and district assistants, those staying on more than 60-plus years, also offered early retirements, and those who once a month, go out with walking post office carriers to time their delivery as they already know their routes and a day they have to put in.

Why do you have to penalize small post offices when you can raise first-class rates (they are cheapest of all services we get), and definitely raise rates to Fed-X and UPS as they bring their deliveries to our post office and I'm only four blocks from the post office, but mail UPS packages have been delivered to the local post office, up their charges, small post offices are that "not far from their delivery sites."

Fed-X has delivered my boxes, but even the small stuff UPS goes to our post office.

Big boxes are delivered, and the drivers are fine people, but their shipping costs are high.

We learn that the UPS is in the red. Then we would think that firing the top man in charge should remedy that.

But as Klaiber stated, "Congress" is in charge.

Then we cannot fire them until election time.

But we can "oil the squeaky wheel."

Write Congress.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,