Letter to the Editor

Inmate concerned about health

Sunday, March 10, 2013

To the Editor:

I have had melanoma in the past.

I am supposed to have PETscan every three months.

I am to check my skin for suspicious spots.

I have noticed a spot on my arm that looks like the spot that turned out to be malignant. Melanoma is a very aggressive and deadly form of cancer. Catching it in its early stages is crucial.

I have been incarcerated at the Clay County Justice Center for two months and have requested numerous times for a PETscan and a biopsy to be done on my arm.

That way if the spot is malignant, it can be stopped before it spreads.

I realize that I am here for punishment, but is it not inhumane to refuse medical treatment in such a serious matter?

I have not been found guilty, but yet feel as though I have been given a death sentence.

I have sent requests in to the sheriff, jail commander, assistant jail commander, doctor, nurse and other CCJC staff members.

I don't want to die in this place, but without proper diagnosis, this could be my future.

Patrick S. Huff Sr.,