Letter to the Editor

Resident questions difference in gas prices

Sunday, August 24, 2014

To the Editor:

I was in Lafayette, Indiana, recently. I could have purchased gas there for $3.00 a gallon. Prior to leaving, I could have purchased gas in Brazil for $3.45 per gallon. Instead, I purchased gas as I came back through Crawfordsville for $2.79 per gallon at a Shell station. That is a difference of 66 cents per gallon.

Another way to look at it: What I paid in Crawfordsville was 19% less. I have been told virtually all of the gas in these areas is delivered from the same terminals in Indianapolis. If that is correct, considering the fact all three locations are approximately the same distance from Indianapolis, why are local prices so much higher? Is it just because "they can"? Or is there a valid reason?

And, looking at the big picture: Aren't there regulations governing monopolies and price-fixing? It seems virtually all the stations raise or lower their prices at more or less the same time and to the same level. Again, Big Government ignores these alleged violations that hurt the "little guy", and ultimately the economy by reducing his disposable income, while lining the pockets of the "Oil Barons". Yes, I see that local prices have come down, but not at all to the level of the price I paid.

Just wondering: Why?!