Letter to the Editor

Bowling Green bridge should be saved

Sunday, March 1, 2015

To the editor:

On January 29, 2015 I attended the meeting concerning the state road 46 bridge over Eel River at Bowling Green. This was at the community building.

Personally, I think the bridge should be saved and maintained as a small roadside park.

The bridge should be preserved not just for history but for the protection of the highly productive bottom farm land. The new bridge will be 9 feet higher and longer than the old bridge. The old bridge puts a damper on how much flood water can be released from the Cagles Mill Dam.

The present bridge is listed in National Register of Historic Places. Also, is criterion for its association with events in the settlement and economic development of Clay County.

Bowling Green will be celebrating its 200 year anniversary soon; as not only a small community but also as Clay County's first county seat of government.

The Cagles Mill Dam was first built to protect the farm land and homes in the bottoms by flood cetnral. These Lands are all connected to the Eel River basin. As for upkeep, we have inmates from the county jail who would volunteer to maintin the old bridge and the park.

Lets keep history and protect the farm ground. Keep the old bridge.

P.J. Nicoson

Clay County