Letter to the Editor

Wait at Humane Society shot clinic is concerning

Sunday, May 1, 2016

To the editor:

This is a wonderful event. It funds the H.S. and gives pet owners an opportunity to have their pets inoculated at a reduced price. I have taken my pets for years. Local vets and some from farther away have graciously volunteered their time and deserve a "Thank You."

But this year was different. There is always a wait, and this is understandable, since so many people participate. But the wait is usually reasonable and the line moves. I arrived 20 minutes after the start time.

The line was not overly long. It took two hours in the sun, with cats in pet taxis and a dog on a leash, to reach the shade of the building. It took another hour to reach the vet.

I was informed that, legally, the vet could not administer shots without examining each and every animal. (This caused a three-hour wait). This must be a new law because in past years the vets have moved the pets through, without exams, and in a reasonable time frame. While individual exams are laudable, this procedure created a hardship for both the pets and their owners.

If the law requires individual exams, and the next clinic is scheduled for July, which will be much hotter, some thought needs to be given to the health and safety of both the pets and their owners while they wait.

Three hours is not reasonable!

Surely we can do better.

Janet Snyder