Letter to the Editor

LETTER: What in the world?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

To the editor:

We see on TV the many things that are happening, the killings of our police forces throughout our country. It speaks of the undercurrents of our times; those of criminals with long history just outside of the law, placed on probation, short sentences and parceled back in society with leg devices and/or reporting to a police authority regularly. We have those with illegal guns that some caught, who might say it's for self-protection, most with no real excuse, and perhaps awaiting a chance to commit a dastardly act.

Yes, we do not need AR-15s and AR-16s and all types of guns that shoot 15-30 rounds of ammunition in our communities.

If and when the government decides to buy them back (for destruction) during a period of time; then only police forces have these types of weapons, then I can understand this.

I feel uncomfortable seeing a citizen openly carrying a 6/7 shooter in a holster walking around like a cowboy; or thinking about someone carrying one concealed.

This is not a community that I have dreamed of; the land that I love. I can see a home-owner protecting his home, but someone out in public getting upset, mean mad, may lose it and pull out a gun and shoot in any direction.

Those using drugs, those some introverts, and those that get tipsy might show off or shoot up.

Our police have in the past made mistakes, but they aren't about to let someone shoot them before they take action.

Under our laws you can own a handgun; get it registered; keep it at home away from your children.

Let us obey God's laws and man's laws, care about your neighbor and let us not have violence in out part of this world. The alternative is we are heading for hell.

Remember a man coming out of a bank with a gun in his hand is not a friend to anyone, is he?

Marion "Sarge" Eveland Jr., Brazil