COURT NEWS October 01-04, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Superior Court

The following filings were reported in Clay Superior Court during October 01-04:


Capital One Bank vs Christina Keene

J.G. Wentworth Org. vs Austin Wheeler, Brown & Somheil, Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston and Liberty Assignment Corp.

Evelyn June Sampson - Vehicle title request

Professional Accounts Service Inc. vs Gerald E. Hastings, Sammy Stedman, Rebecca J. Treash, Paul Vogel, Timothy Evans. Gary G. McCluskey, Robing Quilliam, Sherry L. Buis, Joseph R. Gordon. Logan White, Alanah Stephens and Jason Savant, Kelli Riker, Rachel Lewis, Ralph D. Richard, Samantha N. Runyan. April D. Witt. Franklin Jones and Emilee Montgomery, Mary A. Love and Regina Phegley,


State vs Jacob Brunette, 21: Leaving scene of accident

State vs Thaddeus F. Dutrow, 52: Driving while suspended

State vs Charles A. Spiker, 31: Possession of methamphetamine, Carrying a handgun w/o a license, Possession of marijuana and Possession of paraphernalia

State vs Trina J. Parson, 38: Public intoxication and Disorderly conduct

Domestic Relations

Francis Michael Lloyd vs Victoria ann Lloyd

Marjorie A.McGee vs Antonio C. McGee

Small Claims

Frank E. Beasley vs Tony Helt

Circuit Court

The following filings were reported in Clay Circuit Court during October 01-04:


Auto Trakk vs Andrew O. Spears & Amber M. Wolf

Professional Accounts Service Inc. vs Alexis Miller, Timothy K. Winsted,


State vs Julie A. McGuire, 41: Domestic battery and Battery resulting in bodily injury

State vs Shelly M. Jukes, 50: Dealing in methamphetamine, Possession of chemical reagent or precursors with intent to manufacture a controlled substance, Possession of methamphetamine and Possession of paraphernalia

Domestic Relations

Hsin-Hui Julia Simmers vs Robert Simmers