Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Get back to hunting basics

Sunday, November 6, 2016

To the editor:

Subject: Political debate issue going on now.

In 1927 the cost of a hunting, fishing and trapping license cost $1. Today the cost is hundreds of dollars.

I know it’s 89 years later and I also know that the DNR division of hunting and fishing has turned the process of hunting and fishing into a profit making situation. At the expense of white tail deer, wild turkey and what is left of upland game. Rabbits and quail and grouse and pheasants are NOT on the endangered list. In many areas of the state they are almost extinct. Due to enforcement neglect and wasteful spending and poor policy management for the habitat in which all animal ground dwellers feed has been contaminated by an invasive plant called “fessel” (not the correct spelling but not in the dictionary yet.

This plant is designed to stop soil erosion not as a supplemental wild life food.

As a result, any wild life that relies on ground plants as a primary food source and eats this plant can become damaged in reproduction or sometimes death.

Chemicals are the next on the list. Not only do they have deadly effect on wildlife, humans are also the victims.

Back to the issue, the right to hunt and fish.

Let’s go back to the dollar days and respect the right to hunt and fish. Stop going politically correct, get our heads out of the sand and do the right thing.

Disallow assulat-type weapons and pistols, all multi-round guns, get back to the hunting grass roots.

After all, no one is starving for meal, that I know of.

Take issue of the above, be careful; I can prove all of it.

L.T. Clark, Brazil