Letter to the Editor

Woman responds to letter about roads

Monday, February 20, 2017

To the editor:

Thank you, Cathy Mullinix, for your article in The Brazil Times, January 20, 2017, about the conditions of our roads.

Everything you said was true.

I know a bridge, on County Road 700 North, that I was told, at least 30 years ago after the first accident happened, that it would be replaced. There have been two accidents, that I know about, since then, and it’s still not replaced.

Also, the corner of Harmony Road and 800 North has had a few accidents and part of the vehicle is still in the hole from the last accident.

I guess the county is waiting for someone to be killed in either one.

Also, we paid to have that “stuff” put on the road for dust. It wasn’t worth anything.

Bonnie Jensen, Clay County