COURT NEWS April 17-22, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Superior Court

The following filings were reported in Clay Superior Court during April 17-22, 2017:


Midland Funding LLC vs Robert Westenhaver, Claude Hill, Tammy Pearce, Melissa Hiatt, Timmy Underwood, Elizabeth Higham

Richard Roe vs Ford Motor Company


State vs Joseph P. Dahlstrom, 25: Aggressive driving, Criminal recklessness, Reckless driving

State vs Matthew E. Rutledge, 20: Aggressive driving, Criminal Recklessness and Reckless driving

State vs Ivan H. Evinger, 21: Possession of marijuana and False certificate of registration for motor vehicle

State vs Joshua M. Moreland, 24: False certificate of registration for motor vehicle and Driving while suspended

State vs Robert F. Moore, 28: Invasion of privacy

State vs Frank D. Saathoff, 31: Possession of methamphetamine, Possession of marijuana, Operating vehicle with schedule I or II metabolite in body

Domestic Relations

Lynda Mcauliffe vs Edward Mcauliffe - no children

Small Claims

J. Barry Girton vs Christopher Cooper

Circuit Court

The following filings were during April 17-22, 2017:


Donald R. Brattain vs Unknown heirs at law/Helen Wink

Discover Bank vs Tim B. Culver

Midland Funding LLC vs Brenda Elliott, Victoria Hill, Laura Nicoson, Amanda Timberman, Dana Boggs, Melody Lunsford, Joan Magnetti, Mathew Hoskins,


State vs Nicolle A. Fulk, 32: Battery against public safety official, Resisting law enforcement and Disorderly conduct

State vs Dena M. Helton, 43: Obtaining controlled substance by fraud or deceit