Letter to the Editor

Bill would cause local schools to lose some funding

Sunday, April 23, 2017

To the editor:

The future of public education once again hangs in the balance. The Indiana General Assembly, under Republican leadership is considering the passage of our two-year budget. Are you aware what funding your public school corporation stands to lose? The House bill, which Representatives Baird, Heaton, and Morrison voted for, would cause many local school corporations to lose funding: Clay Community, Cloverdale Community, Spencer-Owen Community, Richland Bean Blossom Community, and Vigo County Schools. The Senate version, which both Senators Ford and Bray supported, will provide less money for Cloverdale, Spencer-Owen and Richland Bean Blossom, while Clay and Vigo schools receive a 1 percent increase, which is still a loss of money with inflation at 3 percent. This bill (HB1001) is now in conference committee.

The continual de-funding of public schools will eventually result in Indiana’s decline, as individuals are no longer able to compete with other states and other nations.

Time is running out! Contact your legislators and ask them to fully fund public education.