Letter to the Editor

How does one justify any decision they may make

Sunday, August 6, 2017

How does one justify any decision they may make if that decision is deemed relative to a prior conclusion of why they made their decision? If every effect is that of a cause and there is no surety of a prior conclusion than how can there be such a thing as positive and negative? A cause or effect as one once was subject to, a yes or a no has been now negated and is now subject to a mere illusion that requires no basis for reality or a lack thereof. No true, no false, and no surety of anything that may or may not exist. An alternate reality based upon nothing.

If only acceptance is tolerable than all who have a prior conclusion are assumed to be liable to a reality based upon something that may or may not be true. It may not be true because any truth that once was is now deemed unacceptable. A conclusion to ones decision is made to be irrelevant to whomever’s illusion we may dwell, but the question remains, who’s illusion.

Kevin D. Sellers, Brazil