Letter to the Editor

1 million tabs for McDonald House after the new year

Monday, December 25, 2017

To the editor:

I’m of the opinion that we’ll have about one million tabs ready for the McDonald House at Indianapolis just after the new year.

I got that good feeling when Past Commander Bob Bigley phoned me and said he had six bags of aluminum cans and guess what: we have a gallon bag bulging with tabs. I told him that I would make the pick up right away and thanks to all the VFW members for faithfully collecting cans and tabs for two worthy causes. It costs no money for this donation and our orphanage in Haiti appreciates the rice for the children there with the money from sale of the cans. And I’m looking forward to a big hug from the little lady at the McDonald House when I personally bring nine full boxes that people from the Brazil area have collected for us.

Our church, Community Missionary, furnishes the large trash bags and our “can man,” Tom Fulk, does the stacking for us and our pastor, Brother Thomas, goes along with the driver to deliver cans. All money collected goes for the Haiti project. The tabs are hauled directly to McDonald House and unloaded there. We continue these two programs giving to those in need for families staying at McDonald House with many not having funds for downtown hotels while loved ones are in nearby hospitals.

If you have a bag of aluminum cans or tabs, please drop them off at our church at 21 W. Pinckley St. or Bedwell Tire, 212 E. National Ave., or call 446-2252 or 812-605-0622 or Sarge at 812-448-2873 and we’ll arrange pick up.

“Sarge” Marion Eveland