Letter to the Editor

Health Care for Hoosier farmers

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

To the editor,

As corn and soybean farmers from Clay County, we support Indiana Farm Bureauís health care initiative this legislative session. Hereís why Senate Bill 184 is so important for the future of farming in Indiana:

Since farmers here in Indiana are a great part of the foundation of our stateís workforce, and without the health care and benefits needed, it is challenging to encourage younger generations to continue the family farm tradition.

Throughout its 100 year history, Indiana Farm Bureau has helped farmers by listening and responding to their needs. Today is no different. Farmers have identified the need for affordable health care, and Indiana Farm Bureau is responding by going before Indiana legislators to seek the approval to offer a health benefit option to provide more affordable health care to its members.

Because farmers often donít have employees, they donít have access to the health benefit plans others do. They are stuck with few choices and often the most expensive ones offered today. That being said, many families who are members of Farm Bureau go without coverage. Many have even chosen to not seek treatment when ill due to health care costs.

To ensure Hoosier farmers receive the care they deserve, the legislation in Senate Bill 184 supported by the Indiana Farm Bureau for its members must be passed through the General Assembly.

Dwight and Tiffany Ludwig, Clay County farmers