Letter to the Editor

Portion of business closing

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

To the editor:

It is never easy to say goodbye to something loved, especially when it was the passion of a cherished one. When that something is a business, it is easy to get so involved with the everyday challenges that the tail tell signs that business isn’t as good as it once was are easily overlooked. The harder one tries to make ends meet, the less the signs seem to prevail. That is the case of the Aerial Arts Fireworks and Party Supplies.

The Covid-19 Shutdown did not cause the current situation, it merely allowed for time to review and reflect on where the business stands. And it forced a closer look at what the future might look like for the Party Supplies, Teacher Supplies, and Baking Supplies. It has become apparent that those three departments are not performing well enough to justify keeping them open.

With that reality in mind, Aerial Arts Fireworks will return to a seasonal fireworks store only. This change will take place immediately. We will have a sale as soon as Governor Holcomb lifts the shutdown restrictions. We will announce the days and hours that the store will be open for the sale. All items will be 50% off, excluding all fireworks.

This change will NOT affect the professional fireworks shows that Aerial Arts Fireworks LLC performs. That part of the business is still going strong, and we are very grateful that it is. If you need a firework show of any size, please feel free to contact us at the numbers below.

We have very much enjoyed providing our customers with the unique items we carried. We will miss the faces of those who became more like family than customers. We hope only the best for all of our customers and hope they will be able to find their needed specialty items without difficulty.

Remember, though, that we will remain a seasonal fireworks store, so please come in and see us over summer months for your 4th of July fireworks. We’ll also be open for your New Years Eve firework celebrations, too.

Mark Adamson, Brazil

812-443-2264 or 812-448-1018