Monday, September 18, 2023

Northview senior Joshua Fowler has been interested in pursuing physical therapy as a career, and his internship has helped solidify this.

Joshua is interning at St. Vincent Clay in the physical therapy department.

“I just really wanted to see if I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. I thought it would help me narrow down what I want to do.”

A personal injury prompted Fowler's interest in physical therapy. In his sophomore year, Fowler experienced knee and hip flexor pain.

“In a way, I kind of was my own physical therapist. I started doing exercises and stretches that I looked up online, and it made me think 'Oh I could probably do this for other people, and it would probably be kind of fun.'”

Now, Fowler is deciding which area of physical therapy he wants to pursue.

“I get the perspective on an outpatient relief area [at St. Vincent Clay], so I can see if I want to go into that or a different area.”

Joshua is not against working in an outpatient area but would like to work with children and younger athletes.

“I think I would like to work with younger people, too... I think it's fun working with kids.”

Fowler has not decided which college he will attend but is considering Purdue, ISU, or the University of Indianapolis. He plans to major in kinesiology and then attend graduate school to obtain his physical therapist license.

At Northview, Joshua plays basketball and tennis and helps with unified track. Fowler is a part of National Honors Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In his free time, Fowler enjoys working out and hanging out with friends.

One of Josh's favorite memories from high school was the first round of basketball sectionals during his junior year. Northview had just beaten Owen Valley after losing to them during the regular season.

“We all just felt on top of the world, even though that was just the first round... the vibe was great after the game. We were dancing, just having fun.”

Josh explains that he has enjoyed the social side of high school the most and is thankful for the friendships he's built.

“I've made some friends that will probably be lifelong friends, and just going to football games with them, playing sports with them, and having them in your classes can make the school day so much more fun.”

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